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If you're not convinced of the length, don't worry! Our greenhouses can optionally be extended from the front or back if you are planning a more fruitful harvest for the following year!   

Sizes & Options

Several practical and aesthetic options relating to the construction of your greenhouse will customize it to your taste:



The accessories make growing in an urban greenhouse much easier:

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Ontario and Quebec deliveries

Our team travels through several regions each year to come and install our superb greenhouses.

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Our Mission

UrbanGreenhouse.ca is a Quebec-based company that sells 4-season greenhouses. We manufacture, deliver and install our home greenhouse model that we have designed not only aesthetically, but also practically and efficiently.

To choose the best greenhouse, you need to consider a few essential factors including ventilation, exterior siding and size according to your needs. That's why we've put several models of urban greenhouses at your disposal. 

In addition, the installation can be done in any yard since our greenhouses are modular.

 It is important to choose a greenhouse with a simple interior design. A rectangular greenhouse allows for this as well as the addition of options that promote plant growth. That's why we offer a greenhouse made of wood rather than aluminum. The structure gives the possibility to easily add rectangular containers, grow lights, electrical systems, hanging hooks, fans or heating unit and more... Not to mention the fact that our greenhouses can be extended if you ever plan to grow more!

Our greenhouses are meticulously prefabricated by hand in our workshop in Mulgrave-and-Derry (near Gatineau).

From spring to fall, we travel across Ontario and Quebec to make our deliveries.

All our customers are more than satisfied with the delivery times, the quality of our product, all the possible options and we are very proud of it! In addition, we do not require any deposit for the order of a greenhouse.

For a quality and well-thought-out urban greenhouse, it's UrbanGreenHouse.ca!

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